All About Betting Online


Many tasks that had to be done in person a few decades ago can now be conveniently performed online. The Internet has become so advanced, in fact, that you can actually visit casinos right in the comfort of your own home. No longer do you have to travel hours on end on a bus or in a car to visit your favorite casino. Today, you can have instant gambling satisfaction in a matter of seconds.

Online betting websites have multiplied in recent years, and will continue to do so as more people turn to this easier alternative as opposed to traveling far distances to visit a casino in person. Many of these websites also offer free bets, which is a promotional advertisement that attracts clients to their betting website.

Some of the ways you can bet online include, but are not limited to:
1. Online poker, blackjack, baccarat, and other popular card games
2. Sports betting: almost any sport you can think of, American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, hockey, etc.
3. Casino games such as roulette, 3 card Texas Hold’em, and craps.
4. Online virtual slot machines. These are usually a big hit because of the high quality graphic designs, visuals, and audio involved while playing.

Online poker sites generally offer a 100% deposit bonus or a 25 dollar freeplay option depending on which one you prefer. The 100% deposit bonus or 25 dollar free-play options often involve the site’s promotion code. You can usually even sign up with an affiliate program in order to receive around 30% to 65% rakeback. Rakeback is the money you get back every time the online gambling site takes the customary rake from sitting down at the virtual table. Some poker sites that offer these promotions include Pokerstars and Full Tilt Poker for those outside the US, and Intertops Poker, Cake Poker Network, and Merge Poker Network for those within the US.

Sites such as and are mainly sports book betting websites. They typically offer players a percentage deposit bonus depending on how much they deposit. Additionally, there are promotions that allow you to make your first bet on their website and receive your second bet for free, up to the amount that you made initially on your first bet. When you sign up for these sites, they will ask for your email address in order to subscribe you to their monthly promotional deals which can include more free bets, deposit bonuses, or even refer a friend bonuses.

Online betting sites such as the ones already mentioned also include a casino games department. This department typically has separate promotion offers. When you sign up for it, you can receive deposit bonuses or free bets that scale with the amount that you deposit. The site offers up to $10,000 dollars in free bets if you match up to 10 deposits with the same amount in your own money. Just as with the other types of betting websites, you can sign up with an email in order to subscribe to weekly or monthly promotional offers for more chances at free bets and deposit bonuses.

Generally speaking, if the free bets are not available to you right away after you make your first deposit on online betting websites, it means that you have to work for them. Depending on the online casino or sports book, after you have accumulated a certain amount of gameplay time or loyalty points, the casino or sports book will release your free bets to you in incremental amounts. The more you play, the more free bets that you unlock!